Its been a  while since I have updated. October 2012 to be exact. A lot has transpired since that time. I’ve fluctuated between 2-5 part time jobs to now just two, that are both at the present not entirely consistent. I am grateful none the less. Needless to say the job hunt continues. I’m on linkedn..reaching out to friends, family and colleagues …writing emails, submitting resumes, making phone calls and going on interviews often… fighting to never loose hope in break through. I have had more close calls and closed doors in the past few months than I would like to recount. I’ve learned so much throughout this process. Chief of those things is the oft occurring life lesson that God is in the details…

Among my many desires is to simply rest in His sovereignty. I’m not sure where I would be without faith. Its like integral to my sanity. Literally. Atheists’ much love to you all but damn. How do you do it? I mean really?

I digress. So yeah I’m job hunting…. but also living life. I may be broke and facing foreclosure for the second time in four months but by God I am still living life. Still seeing people, going out, breathing fresh air, dancing, taking walks, …conversing….I even took an impromptu trip to Tampa to visit some good friends.


So while I am diligent to find work and doing right by the two part time jobs I do have…I enjoy life in the mean time. Some days are better than most ….there are times where the need to fight despondency is pressing and I find myself in the deepest intimacy in prayer and tears when I just can’t make heads or tails of things.  I thank God for close friends who stand by and encourage and speak life into me. I thank God for the gift of faith in His sovereignty. 

I’m excited to see what He has in store for me with regard to work. In the mean time I live..

Thanks for stopping by.