Thank you for checking out my space. I’m new to WordPress. Up until now my online blogging presence has been here. You won’t find any one specific thing on this site. Just my experiences and reflections. Journaling is somewhat of a therapy for me and I believe I derive the most from it just by recounting and sharing.

Right now I’m in a season of my life where I am trying to substantiate what’s in my heart regarding social justice, and I also am in a place of working smaller jobs while trying to determine what full time work to do after having left a job of almost seven years.  It’s a learning and growing experience for me; I’m grateful for it. By the way, I have learned first hand what it means to leave a job without having something else lined up.  Its a trying and very risky thing. There is reward and fulfillment in trial and in consequence.I’ve seen the good and ugly of my decision.

I’m waiting for what’s next while living in the now. Its good. I’m good. Thank you for your time.