“The Superman S, is said to be the second most recognizable symbol on the planet, next to the Christian Cross” – Zack Snyder, Director Man of Steel

I’m so pumped for this movie. Big deal right? So many people are. Gonna be pretty epic.  What resonate’s for me the most though, as a Christian…is that the hope, strength, courage and power that Superman inspires in so many, becomes a tangible reality for me and countless millions now and over the centuries who have set their hearts on the 1st Century Jewish Rabbi from Galilee… the Divine Man who turned the world up side down…or as I like to say…My Master, the Matchless Champion

Fully Alive, Fully Aware….Fully Awake….I want this more than anything in the world right now. 

To be keenly aware of my humanity and to be as fully human in that humanity as possible. To truly live, …to truly love…

Painting by Elizabeth Wang

At present I am reading a book called, “Prototype”  by  Jonathan Martin and in it Martin explores exactly these things…becoming fully human, just as Christ was fully human in His divinity here on earth, and how this Christ, was and is humanities Prototype

For more thoughts on just how Jesus’ first Jewish followers connected the man they knew and walked with as divine, I highly recommend the article Eternal Messiah, by Derek Leman. You can check it out here.

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See you in the theaters.